Early Intervention Preschool

We have a new project!


Help mothers learn with their young deaf children. It’ll make a difference to at least 30 families with young deaf children by December 2017. Take a look! We are in partnership with Operation Orphan (www.operation-orphan.org) and all donations for this project are matched by Johnson & Johnson.

Deafness is a serious disability in Zimbabwe affecting children’s communication and education. However, if children and their parents start to learn sign language at an early age, they can learn age appropriate skills and ideas which help them to develop and get ready for more formal learning at school.  Parents find it difficult to think of their little child coming to “school” but they forget that hearing children learn language before they go to school, by playing with others and with their families. At Nzeve we try to replicate the language learning of the home and playground by having people with good sign language surrounding and playing with the children.


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