Sanganai Youth Project

Sanganai Youth Project seeks to help young deaf people and others with disabilities to gain skills for independent living. Skills training and livelihood opportunities are provided. The curriculum used has been designed in a way that is participatory, active and hands-on so that the youth are actively engaged in the learning process and have the opportunity to practice and enhance new skills.

Three girls at the centre announced they did not have ID documents.  They joined the project this year because their families could no longer afford to pay the school fees.  None of them can read more than very basic words and they have trouble using a ruler in their sewing lessons, but every day now they sew simple bags, flags for bunting and washable sanitary wear.  At break time they are seen chatting animatedly together in sign language, talking about the boys who are laughing at someone who dropped his bread, admiring a girl’s new style or complaining about the heat.  The project taught them about the importance of ID documents.  A successful young deaf man who is a peer educator helped them to understand how important ID documents are, how to get their ID card and how to keep their birth certificate safe, but these girls did not have an ID.  Nzeve staff wrote to their guardians and now they are on the way to getting their ID cards – a symbol of adulthood in Zimbabwe, and essential to show when stopped by police.