NZEVE’s Family Department

The impact of a deaf child on the family is great.  Deaf children learn in different ways and parents are not expecting the tremendous difficulties they have when they try to communicate with their child. Hearing mothers use verbal language, which is not understood by a deaf child.

An early intervention programme like NZEVE can help deaf children to develop  The preschool years are critical years for language development and therefore the need for an early start is great.  It is not sufficient to wait till the child is of school going age to start developing language.

Amplification of speech and sign language are used with the children at NZEVE. Deaf people using Zimsign are employed at the centre to help as language models for the children and their parents.

NZEVE assists parents to develop positive attitudes towards the education of their deaf children.

NZEVE’s Family Department provides:

  • Early intervention for young deaf children and their families.
  • Counselling for families following diagnosis
  • Preschool for deaf children
  • Communication skills teaching through weekly meetings
  • Home visits
  • Promotion of child rights
  • Parents from Mutare visit parents out of town
  • Regular parent’s training workshops

NZEVE’s Schools Department

NZEVE’s Schools Department works in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Culture and NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations) in schools.

NZEVE provides educational assistance to deaf children – stationery, uniforms, teaching resources and learning games. NZEVE runs day events in schools, assemblies for deafness awareness and assists Sign Language Clubs. Termly teacher’s workshops enhance teachers’ ability to provide quality education for the hearing impaired students.