About Nzeve

nzeve_deaf-25Our vision is to see the Deaf community valued in an inclusive society.

Our strategic goals are:

Early access to services 

To promote early identification and increase access to early intervention for deaf children and their families.


To promote sign language and facilitate support to deaf children and their teachers

Deaf Empowerment

To empower deaf youth to live independent and healthy lives.

Training and Partnership

To reduce discrimination against children with disabilities by equipping service providers and families.

Capacity to deliver

To have a sustainable organisation making best use of available resources.buildings

An interview with Pretty’s Mother:
“My daughter was born hearing, but at 18 months people started getting worried about her. I know she could hear when she was a baby – I have a video in which we call her and she responds, so I was angry that people were insisting something was wrong. I did not think anything was wrong or now, thinking back, maybe it was that I did not want to admit that something was wrong. I hoped that she would change, or that we would find the right medicine and she would start to hear again…… but it didn’t happen.

I brought my little girl to Nzeve, but I didn’t like it. I didn’t want my child to be like the children at Nzeve – signing and waving their hands, making funny noises. So I refused to go back.

Then, one day the mother of another deaf child came to my house. She spoke to me and my husband. Then we realised that she had been at school with my husband! So he listened to her.

“Bring your child to Nzeve,” she said, “They can help her learn sign language and you will learn with her.”  I agreed to give it another chance and I came to Nzeve. I was surprised to meet other mothers there who had the same feelings as me at first, but now they were coming to Nzeve and their children were learning all sorts of things.

My little girl is doing well now – we can talk about all sorts of things at home. She is teaching me new signs! We can communicate about all sorts of things. It is still a challenge for my husband though- he struggles to communicate with her. It would be good to include the fathers more at Nzeve, but they are busy.

I am going to help my little girl. I have another baby now – a baby boy, who can hear fine and copies when we talk to him. I will carry on helping my daughter, and I thank the other mothers at Nzeve for helping me to accept her and to learn to communicate with her.”