Wake Up Shepherds!

Nzeve Preschool held the Christmas Nativity play and graduation on 4th December 2019.

We were entertained by a lively group of 5 and 6 year olds deaf children acting out the nativity.  “Mary???? Pregnant????? No no no !” signed Joseph. Then after some thought he took flowers to Mary and asked her to marry him, and off to Bethlehem town.

IMG_1955 (2)     IMG_1907

Children’s nativity plays are always fun – and loved by parents and grand parents.  This one was no exception!  Well done children and the Families Department team!

IMG_1962           IMG_1960        IMG_1959


Six children graduated and will be starting formal education next year in Resource Units for the Deaf  in local schools.  They will be taught in Zimbabwe sign language and written English.  Deaf children have a challenge in getting enough information and knowledge.  When only one or two people at home know any sign language they miss out on lots of information, some of which could be life saving.

Nzeve Deaf Centre aims to identify children when they are young and help them to get good communication skills.  We do this in partnership with their families.  Every child needs to communicate with someone at home – so mothers often give up their morning to stay at preschool with their deaf child so they can learn together.

Graduation is an achievement not only for the children, but for the mothers as well.

Congratulations!  Makorokoto!

Yolanda Chirara, Anotida Jori, Pelagia Mundoko, Maria Marange, Prince Chibisa and Tawananyasha Chabaya.  We will miss you all but trust you will enjoy your new schools. Come and visit soon!


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