Cyclone Idai

Thank you so much to our supporters who have sent funds to help with the aftermath of Cyclone Idai in Chimanimani and Chipinge Districts. The destruction is only now becoming clear – some areas are still not accessible by road.  You can see how the rain and the landslides destroyed roads and bridges. The people of Zimbabwe also helped in incredible ways – lots of donations of food, clothes and medicine, from all sectors of society.  People are getting food donations but now they need shelter and psychosocial support. We are hearing stories of children who see the clouds coming and start to get very anxious and run to their caregivers, needing to feel safe.

Deaf people in remote rural areas often have limited communication with their families.  They also need information so they can understand what happened and where they can get help. We are hoping to work with CBM and Jairos Jiri Association to help the Deaf community in the affected areas.

This is not a problem that is going to be solved by food handouts alone – the affected families lost their homes, harvest for the next year and livestock.  We are grateful to be working with CBM who have had a lot of experience in humanitarian emergency relief and recovery situations.

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