Awareness through Business meeting

Today was our Annual Business meeting – known as the Annual General meeting. Various legal issues have to be taken care of but we also used it as an opportunity to advertise our services and to learn from the Deaf community.

One legal requirement is that we should advertise the meeting in the local paper.  I spoke to one man I did not recognise and discovered he had come – having read the advert, because his young son is deaf.  He wanted to know if he could get help and he came to understand the importance of early communication and to see that he must not wait any longer. Hopefully his little 3 year old will come on Monday and we will have our AGM baby attending preschool!

We had a visitor from USA who gave a short talk.  Dr Kirk Van Gilder is deaf.  He is Associate Professor at Gallaudet University – a liberal arts university for the Deaf in Washington DC. He addressed us in American sign language which was interpreted to English by Dr Jason Heys (also from USA), and into Zimbabwe Sign language by Tatenda Mashayahanya, (Sign Language interpreter and Monitoring and Evaluation officer at Nzeve.) Dr kirk introduced the idea of “Deaf Gain”, as opposed to “Hearing Loss”.  He helped visitors, deaf youth, Nzeve staff and parents of deaf children at the meeting to think and be encouraged by the ways our lives have been enriched by being involved with deaf people.

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