A Deaf Wedding

Today I attended the wedding of a graduate from Nzeve Preschool!  Both the bride and the groom were deaf, as were several of the multiple bridesmaids, grooms men and dozen or so children in the bridal party!

Relatives spoke of the importance of accepting children – whether deaf or disabled in any other way.  They spoke of how the bride and groom had both attended school and had learnt practical skills as well. They explained how the parents had never complained but had got on with parenting their deaf children in the best way they knew.  It was a wonderful awareness meeting!

The best part was that about 50 deaf people, from Harare, Mutare and Masvingo came to support the new couple.  Old friends from school, youth project and younger children all turned up to be part of the very exciting day.  Young people I had not seen for several years were there and it was wonderful to meet them again!  I was very excited to meet the first deaf Zimbabwean pastor. I have seen her on Deaf TV, but to meet Pastor Mary and her husband from Morgenster Mission was very exciting for me!

Whoever would have thought we would have the wedding of a deaf couple, with a deaf pastor and at least 50 deaf guests amongst the 400 in total, in Mutare?

Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Kanyemba and we look forward to many other weddings to come!  Even if they are not so big- it’s OK – we’ll be there to celebrate!







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