End of term!


News from one of our interns:

During the school term deaf youth have been taught different skills for independent living. Topics included:

  • Responsible money management
  • Standing up to peer pressure
  • Workplace behaviours

All the youth chose practical courses including building, carpentry, dressmaking, gardening and rabbit keeping. Gardening was a challenge this year due to the rains  – so the ground was water logged and weeds grew quicker than the plants!

One young lady who chose dressmaking, shared her hopes for the future, “If I work hard I will start a dressmaking business in town.” She is currently on attachment with a company in town – a wonderful opportunity for her to experience the workplace and learn appropriate behaviour and skills. Three other companies have accepted students on attachment.  This is a great addition to the courses they do.

Sanganai continues to equip young people with the skills they need for life, but there are many challenges for deaf youth in Zimbabwe as they try to make a living. Formal employment is almost impossible.


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