Thank you for visiting our website where you will find lots of information about our project for deaf people in Zimbabwe. Since 2000, Nzeve has provided early intervention for deaf children and a range of other specialist services for the deaf community in Manicaland.

Deafness is a serious disability in Zimbabwe affecting children’s communication and education. Most deaf children in Zimbabwe have hearing parents who are not aware of the signs of deafness and are not expecting to have communication challenges with their child. Nzeve is an organisation of deaf and hearing people that reaches out to families and communities across Manicaland, with early identification and intervention for deaf children and support to their families.

The centre provides early childhood education using sign language and visual, participatory activities, social and emotional support to families of children with disabilities and outreach to communities with awareness programmes. Other programmes provide life skills training for deaf youth, and in collaboration with Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, support to resource units for the deaf with learning materials and visits. The inclusion programme raises awareness among other NGOs for the support of children with disabilities.



NZEVE Deaf Children’s Centre is located in the high density suburb of Sakubva, Mutare in eastern  Zimbabwe.

Regular Activities

  • NZEVE Preschool: Monday – Friday, 8am – 12pm
  • Sanganai Youth Training Project: Tuesday – Friday, 8am – 4pm
  • Sanganai Deaf Social Club for deaf youth and adults: Saturday, 1pm
  • Hearing Tests: Monday – Friday, from 12pm onwards
  • Parents’ Support Group: Wednesdays and Saturdays